FECOP | Saving the oceans, creating jobs
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About Us

The Costa Rican Fishing Federation (FECOP) is a union that through scientific investigation and technique, promotes sport fishing in Costa Rica. FECOP is formed by organizations willing to protect, develop and promote the sustainable use of the marine fishing resource in the country, especially billfish and other pelagic species of interest.


FECOP is born in 2009 promoted by representatives of the sport fishing sector interested in protecting our oceans and their species for the benefit of a national development sector which depends on the situation of the pelagic fish species.


These constituent organizations have a long history in the sport fishing activity and are the ones who have experienced the birth of this industry in Costa Rica. Some of them have contributed in this activity nationally for over 70 years. Other more recent ones arise from the development of tourism in the 90’s.


FECOP’s focus is evolving with the sport fishing sector and its actors, thus ensuring the future of sport fishing for future generations.

Saving the oceans, creating jobs